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Mistley - short walk with Gill Moon

When Gill offered this morning walk with coffee and cake at the end, who could resist? As it was, the morning was misty and atmospheric over the river, and then onto a walk through the woods. So, a few images I managed of the morning. Being by the river side, the morning mist was still lingering over the water, while everywhere was tranquil and quiet. Looking up river, the clouds appeared black and threatening, making the autumnal colours somewhat muted. Having walked along the waterfront past Mistley Towers, we entered Mistley woods. This was called `old knobble` and was certainly gnarled and broken. Also, very old I would say. Another old tree in the woods which was very deformed. Some autumnal colours beside the road on our way back to our start. Being Remembrance Sunday, a short service was being held beside the memorial. Back at the start we were treated to hot coffee and cake - lovely! Thanks Gill and Simon. Home