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Bramford - and the sad story of baby Innocent

As I had not seen this `local` church, this trip was just to explore. However, it turned out to have a sad twist to its story. I parked my car on the south side, near the vicarage, as it turned out. So firstly, some pictures of this south side of the building. "Another Suffolk church that can probably be associated with the group identified by the late Birkin Haward as having been part-built by the same master mason, 'Hawes of Occold', fl. 1410-1440." I have read that this church's style is Perpendicular Gothic. What are the characteristics of Perpendicular Gothic style - I wondered! Apparently, the style was concerned with creating rich visual effects through decoration and was characterized by a predominance of vertical lines in stone window tracery, enlargement of the windows to great proportions. Hence the view of the windows above, which demonstrates the emphasis on vertical lines. The late fourteenth century north porch may have been added at the same time

Bawdsey - Long exposure and sunset

Bawdey Quay is a lovely spot. It is situated at the mouth of the river Deben which separates Bawdsey from nearby Felixstowe. Lots of boats and just a lovely spot to sit and soak up the sea air and sunshine! It has quite a history too. Radar was developed and first tested in Bawdsey between the two World Wars. Today you can visit the place where much of the groundbreaking work in radar technology took place. In February 1936, the research scientists occupied Bawdsey Manor House and the stables and outbuildings were converted into workshops. 240ft wooden receiver towers and 360ft steel transmitter towers were built and Bawdsey became the first Chain Home Radar Station. On September 24, 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational radar station in the world After WW2 Bawdsey was used as an RAF base through the Cold War until the 1990’s when the Bloodhound surface-to-air missile was the last ‘tenant’ in this base. On 31st May 1990, the Bloodhound force ceased operations and in June