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Pigs Gone Wild

The local news announced the appearance of Piggies in Ipswich like this:  A herd of pig sculptures is to go on display in Ipswich as the town becomes the latest place to host an art trail for charity. Forty models will be dotted around the streets and waterfront as part of the "Pigs Gone Wild" art trail in summer 2016, in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice. The animals, chosen to "celebrate Suffolk's rich agricultural heritage", will be decorated by local artists. The first thing, as grandparents, that crossed our mind was `What a great idea for some fun with Izobelle.` Sure enough the idea appealed and over the course of the summer we explored Ipswich with Izobelle and to be honest great fun was had by all, including grandparents! So, here goes with images of some of the pigs. Not all of them, but a large selection. Let's mark off - Pinata Piggy. Ed Sheer-Ham - say no more. A nod to our local pop idol. Hamlet of Ipswich Lit