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Lest we forget - Hadleigh and others

The displays around the district were also a poignant reminder of the suffering and loss of life in the Great War - still remembered 100 years on. They ranged from the simplistic but effective display in Raydon, to the huge 21000+ poppy display in Sudbury. The beautiful, simple display of Raydon Church.  The amazing cascade in Sudbury. A cascade of more than 21,000 knitted and crocheted poppies covering the local church, many of which were donated from all over the world.  While I was dodging traffic to get my photograph , this rainbow appeared behind the church.  I wonder what he would have made of it all?  This display in the Castle Park, Colchester, features willow sculptures and a floral World War One tank, and incorporates over 11,000 plants. It is the town`s commemoration of the centenary of the end of World War One, as well as remembering the town’s important role during the conflict, when up to 20,000 soldiers were stationed in the