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Loch Spelve and otters

Located in the south-eastern ‘corner’ of Mull, Loch Spelve is a large tidal body of water bounded by an unclassified single track road which branches off at its western end with one track running back along the southern shores of the loch to Croggan and the main track running west to Loch Buie. Being just south of where we were staying, it looked a great place to explore. Definitely an `unclassified single track road`!  We had read of the otters being seen here. On arriving to park, we were cruising along the Loch side when we spotted a woman, loaded with camera gear coming toward us. On speaking to her, it transpired that she and her husband (both keen photographers), were in the area photographing otters. Soon afterwards she caught our attention and we followed her along the loch as an otter went about his business on the loch side. Magic!  Another view of the lock and an interesting tree by the side  Curlew on Loch Spelve shore O