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Hawkes Head and Harington

Today we drove from our site to Booti Booti N.P. where we had decided to stop for the night. Having read the reports of the area, we went for a walk and admired the scenery, hoping it lived up to expectation.  "Right next to Forster, Booti Booti National Park is comprised of an 8km peninsula between the ocean and a lake, complete with pristine beaches and rainforests." - well the advertising said anyway! A walk along the beautiful "pristine" beach, toward Booti Booti Hill and into the woods at the end where we were lucky to see ... ... a guana, who promptly shot up a tree, but not too far for us to get a photo. Monument at Cape Hawke Cape Hawke has a lot of history attached to it. Itis just south of Forster/Tuncurry and within the Booti Booti National Park. The cape was named by Captain Cook when he passed it on his Endeavour voyage on 12 May 1770, honouring Edward Hawke who was First Lord of the Admiralty. This was another