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Malham Cove and Janet's Foss

A glorious day when we headed for Malham. This was another area of Yorkshire we had heard so much about and were excited to see if it lived up to our expectations.  These were a couple of images as we walked from Malham village toward our first `port of call` - Janet's Foss. Behind the lovely waterfall of Janet’s Foss is a cave, hidden by the falling water. This is the home of Janet – Queen of the Fairies.There’s another cave close by called Janet’s Cave which visitors often mistake for the fairy’s home but this was just an unmagical overnight shelter for travelers and itinerant workers in past times. The pool below the falls was used as a sheep wash, the water thought to bless the sheep with good health. Charles Kingsley knew this place and its stories, and he drew inspiration for The Water Babies from here, Malham Tarn and Arncliffe . It’s a gorgeous spot but was a bit of a focus for deranged Victorian fairy hunters.  The famous Gordale Scar.