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New life in early summer

May/ June time is a beautiful time of year. New life, be it plant or insect, is all around us. Just a brief look in hedgerow and garden will show you this everywhere.  Over a few days I pointed my camera at all manner of things, guided by eagle eyed Rosey, and here are a few images taken during this period, with a brief detail. Drinker Moth caterpillar Caterpillars from August to June. Britain and Ireland. Large hairy dark grey caterpillar found mainly in damp habitats. Fully grown caterpillars are up to 7 cm in length. They are dark grey with golden speckling and have brown hair tufts along the body. A line of white hair tufts is present on either side of the body. The caterpillars hibernate when part grown and continue feeding in the spring, becoming fully grown by June. In winter they can sometimes be found at rest on grass stems and on the twigs of bushes. In the spring they feed mainly at night, but during the day can be found resting low down on vegetatio

Womens Round Britain Cycle Race in Layham

This weekend we were treated to the sight of a stage of the Women's Round Britain Cycle Race passing through our village. With great anticipation, people gathered at the roadside to witness this prestigious event. To start, many police and marshalls motorcycles came through to stop traffic and block side roads. Then the odd team car The leading four at this point then appeared .... followed by a large group ... then team cars galore! ... followed by the main group .... and at the back, numerous other team cars. All in all, a great spectacle, and worth watching. Home