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Little Finborough and Needham Market _ Parish Churches

A few hours to visit some local churches that have been shut recently due to Covid! It took me a few minutes to find this church, having driven past it once! However, I backtracked to where my map indicated, and parked on the main road. The church is not visible from this point but a walk down the driveway to Finborough Hall, and then turn off through the fields, soon brought me to this tree surrounded, quaint little church.  The Victorians had a lot to do with the church we see now, but it still feels Medieval. Probable of 14C origins and has never had a tower. The west end (above) was rebuilt in 1856, replacing the lath and plaster with the banded pebble wall that we see today. A view from the North side and the shed like structure on wheels which is an old Shepherds Hut. Supposedly of C19 origin.   The interior of St Mary`s with it`s tiny organ tucked away in the corner and its curious pulpit and reading desk at the front. All in all, a sense of peace and tranquillity, tucked away