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2010 Beauty in the Natural World

As in most years, 2010 had a great many wonderful things to offer in `the wild`. From birds and insects, to colours and shapes. Here are a few of them as I captured them digitally. We are surrounded by amazing things and it is so easy to pass them by. That is why the camera is a great tool for capturing these things and turning them into memories. Long Tailed Tit in the garden Jackdaw in Pembrokeshire.. Swan on the Brett, mirrored in the river. Green Woodpecker feeding its young. Drinker Moth caterpillar Blister Beetle Thrift growing in abundance on the cliff path near Little Haven. Ransoms or Wild Garlic Lords-and-Ladies or Cuckoo Pint. Dandelion head Dark Mullein Orchid Thistle  Peacock Butterfly Ruddy Darter Common Blue Swallowtail - Britain's largest butterfly Small Skipper Burnett Four Spotted Chaser Follo

Winter comes with a vengeance!

Winter struck at the beginning of December with a very sharp freeze, then some snow. After that a respite until 19 December when we had a really good snowfall. Having not had a good snowfall for some time, I took to the lanes (with boots) to get some photos - it was spectacular. Which way to go first - if you can read it! Yes, the frost was severe! From our guttering. Church railings Everything had a layer of snow on it. No one has been this way today. Even the most familiar places take on a new perspective in the snow and a few images near home illustrate the fact, for me at least! Next day the cloud had cleared and the images had the benefit of a blue sky. Normally a large grassy play area for the kids. They were there later playing snowballs. From the far side of the MIll Pond and looking toward the footbridge. Similar to the above but including the mill House. Just catching the morning sun.