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Swans and their family (2)

This is the second post of my swan story in picture. Incubation has been progressing for some 5 weeks now and very soon everything will change, I am sure. These birds have infinite patience when you consider the length of time they spend incubating their eggs. Watching them on an almost daily basis, I have come to appreciate how much time they invest in raising a family. Amazing. On the 5th May, a quick check, no youngsters yet. Then, on the 8th May, this is the scene that greeted me as I approached the nest - 2 cygnets! Later, the same morning as I passed again, there were 3 cygnets. On the 10th, the cygnets had taken to the water. As one of the adults approached the nest, there was another one hatched! The adult swan arrives back with five cygnets in tow. So, a total of six altogether, so far.  However, I only ever saw five on the water, so one vanished in the meantime, and the remaining eggs are still there. `These swimm