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Along parts of Hadrian's Wall

One of our main aims for this holiday was to see some of Hadrian's Wall, and so two days were spent doing just that! Traveling along the A39, we visited, and enjoyed a fair stretch of it. Unfortunately, many of the images were taken during the brightest part of the day and are rather de-saturated. At least some record shots! In A.D. 122 the Emperor Hadrian ordered his soldiers to build a wall between Roman Britain and Scotland. The wall ran from Wallsend in the east to Bowness on the Solway Firth. You can still walk along parts of Hadrian's Wall today. In A.D. 140, the Romans added another wall further north. It's called the Antonine Wall. The area called Steel Rigg is along some of the most scenic sections of Hadrian’s Wall.  Part of the Roman Fort at Birdoswald, with (BELOW), some beautiful scenery nearby.  A few facts about Birdoswald:  Birdoswald was once an area of bog and forest. The Romans had to clear and drain the land before buildin