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Felixstowe - a day out

Felixstowe is the nearest seaside town to us and seems to be gaining in popularity judging by the number of people seen there. A couple of visits within a few days and here are some images from those visits, including my first sight of the new Ferris wheel. But to start, some images from the Languard end of Felixstowe. Many ferries as well as container vessels are visible at virtually any time. Looking inland there is the beautiful Nature Reserve. Here with part of the old fort in the background. Then, of course, the busy container port. The Port of Felixstowe is the United Kingdom's largest container port, dealing with 48% of Britain's containerised trade. In 2017, it was ranked as the 43rd busiest container port in the world and 8th in Europe, with a handled traffic of 3.85 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). In 2019 it was ranked the UKs 7th busiest port - shows how it`s growing! Mind you, if you travel the A14 in the area you will see evidence of its growth with a c

The seaside town of Cromer in Norfolk

Cromer is a traditional seaside resort and is famous for its pier, home to a lifeboat station and Pavilion Theatre, where the UK’s only remaining traditional end of the pier variety show takes place each Summer and Winter. The pier is an enduring example of Victorian architecture, having withstood many storms, tidal surges and even an attempt to blow it up by the Government in WW2 to prevent the pier being used as a landing strip for enemy invaders! Glad they decided not to! This was a passing visit so had to take a few images. Firstly the famous pier with a stormy sky in the background A couple of images of the cliffs and beach huts. On the path leading down to the promenade, a peek over the edge revealed these steps which instantly appealed to me. The curves and lines just said `take a picture of me` - well, not literally. At the bottom of these steps was this `compass` which this couple obviously `took a shine` to as well. The whole area was in f