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Fire! Fire!

A Sunday morning walk around the lanes of Layham and Shelley was a fairly regular route at the weekend, but the rather close sound of fire engines was certainly not normal! So, looking around at the skyline, I soon spotted a plume of smoke, luckily blowing away from me. It appeared to be only a couple of fields away. As luck would have it I was carrying my camera, so made my way toward the fire.  In the village of Shelley lives a man who is a thatcher by trade, and unfortunately it was his store in a nearby barn that had caught fire. By the time I arrived, the building was well alight. At this stage the building was standing - to a degree. One fireman pours water into the building.  The owner looks on helplessly - it's all in someone else's hands.    Gradually the whole building collapses into a burning heap.  All the firemen can do is keep it under control, and dampen down. When you stand outside the site of the f