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Stag beetle

Stag Beetles are the largest beetles found in the U.K. and they're now quite rare. The decline of our Stag Beetles is mainly as a result of habitat loss. Some are killed by cars on roads, and since they spend such a long time in the larval stage they are also vulnerable to predation. The most noticeable features of the male Stag Beetles are the large antler-like jaws, which give the beetle its name. They are used during the mating season to fight with other males over territory. Each male tries to grab his opponent between his jaws, and then throw him. The fully grown male stag beetles can normally be seen flying at dusk between May and August. They look quite unstable in flight, and their wings make a loud buzzing sound. The warmer temperatures of late spring encourage them to look for a mate. They will drink tree sap, but do not eat, and will not grow at all. After mating the male Stag Beetles die. The females can be recognised by the much smaller jaws. Although both the