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Dorrigo NP and Sawtell

Wednesday 10th October  was a visit to Dorrigo National Park today. It is about an hours drive from our current spot and was a very windy, uphill road. We passed two waterfalls on the way, Newll and Sherrard. We did the Lyre bird walk and the sky boardwalk allowing us to look down on the rainforest canopy. Unfortunately it was a very misty morning so looking out across the forest and mountains was difficult.  We lunched prompt so that we could go on the Wonga walking track which was subtropical rainforest. This would take us passed Crystal Showers falls and Tristania Falls. It also took us along the walk with many birds, such as a lyre bird and some eastern yellow robins. We were also fortunate enough to see a pair of king parrots, but weren't close enough to get good photos.  Crystal Showers falls and Tristania Falls  Some of the trees in the forest were the yellow carabeen, strangler fig, giant stinging tree and palms and p