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Evening on Bridlington harbour

We stayed on the edge of Bridlington for our 4 nights and it was only a short walk to the harbour. So, after a day at Scampston Hall, we decided to visit the harbour in the evening especially as I wanted a photo of the bronze statue I had spotted on the harbour wall. Bridlington is a minor sea fishing port with a working harbour and is well known for its shellfish. It has a mix of small businesses across the manufacturing, retail and service sectors with its prime trade being tourism during the summer months. The origins of the town are uncertain, but archaeological evidence shows habitation in the Bronze Age and in Roman times.  Last ship in for the day?  The bronze sculpture, named The Gansey Girl, has historic and sentimental meaning in that she reflects the fishing history in Bridlington as well as the families in the town. She depicts a young woman sitting on a plinth knitting a gansey, a traditional jumper that contains a rich pattern of symbolism passed down th