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York and Pickering

Hayley and Izobelle came to York with us, and we had a great day in the city, just wandering and taking in the sights and sounds. I like listening to, and photographing Buskers, So, when this melodic voice caught my ear, I made my way a few yard (with Izobelle) to see who it was. I must confess the powerful and very melodic voice seemed to come from a younger person (sorry Busker!). Izobelle was transfixed! So we dropped our coins in and took a photo.  These are the ruins of Pickering Castle, as are the two images below. Set in the attractive North York Moors-edge market town of Pickering, the castle began life as a simple wooden motte-and-bailey castle founded by William the Conqueror. It was converted to stone under Henry II; later additions included an outer entrance and curtain wall built on the orders of Edward II.  Some more ruins of Pickering Castle Home      Forward      Back