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Dorset for a week

We had wanted to visit Dorset for some time, so this cottage was a perfect choice for a weeks holiday with Hayley and Izobelle. It was close to Portland Bill and not too far from Lulworth, in an area called Fleet.  Fleet is a small, scattered village and civil parish in south Dorset, approximately 2.5 miles (4.0 km) west of Weymouth, and close to the shore of The Fleet, a brackish lagoon behind Chesil Beach.  The Great Storm of 1824 caused waves to breach Chesil Beach, and many of the buildings in the village were destroyed. An eye-witness described the event: At six o'-clock on the morning of the 23rd I was standing with other boys by the gate near the cattle pound when I saw, rushing up the valley, the tidal wave, driven by a hurricane and bearing upon its crest a whole haystack and other debris from the fields below. We ran for our lives to Chickerell, and when we returned found that five houses had been swept away and the church was in ruins. It was much calmer on our

The Olympic flame arrives in Ipswich

This was the year when the Olympics came to London. Probably the only time I shall ever see all the excitement that surrounds this global event - was when the flame came to Ipswich! It was due into town in the evening and great excitement was in the air. I was there! As the crowds gathered, the anticipation heightened until this familiar vehicle appeared, heralding the approach of - something at least! Police escorts, always a feature of these events, paved the way. The entourage continues. The crowd gathering. Who were the two lads I wondered? Everyman and his dog was there. The dog had put his best wheels on (Poor thing) And then THE Flame appeared!!. Do you know - I haven't a clue who the torch bearer was! That was it for the evening. All over. But tomorrow I shall return to see the flame leave Christchurch Mansion. Home