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Our last two days on Mull

So dawned our last day of Mull, and a great holiday it has been. Peaceful, interesting and lots to see. This fern just appealed to me as it sprouted from the stone wall - Polypodium vulgare, the common polypody. Seen at a stop on our way to today's adventure. Another abandoned cottage as we drove toward Loch na Keal, intending to explore another area we had not seen much of to date. Northern Eggar caterpillar or asiocampa quercus, as its Latin name. Loch na Keal - We drove along the southern edge of the loch toward Loch Ba. This was another unspoilt and beautiful drive. We watched sea eagles over the loch and just looked at the peaceful scenery, with all the worlds problems a million miles away. We came across this pile of stones, obviously left by some earlier passer by. Loch Ba More views of Loch Ba Our interest in this Mausoleum is the fact that, while traveling in Australia, Macquarie was a town that we pa


We thought we would explore the North West corner of Mull today and pinpointed Calgary as our destination. Calgary is a hamlet on the north west coast of Mull, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It was the origin of the name of Fort Calgary in Canada, which became the city of Calgary, Alberta. The route we decided on was along the east coast past Craignure and up to Salen. Then across country to Killiechronan and on up the coast , skirting Loch na Keal, until we reached Calgary. As we drove up the east coast alongside the Sound Of Mull, the mist was hanging over the water making a great image of this boat. Now this sign amused me a lot! Maybe 20mph or 30mph but 21!! The fog disperses on the Sound Of Mull. The first impression we had of Calgary, as we parked our car. Just a huge almost deserted beach with mist still lingering on the hills in the background. Calgary Art In Nature was set up in 1999. Its aim was to site pieces of sculpture within t

To the Isle of Ulva

The Isle of Ulva was our destination today, which meant a trip to the North West of Mull, passing Lock na Keal on the way. Although it might be said that `one Lock looks like another`, the scenery is so peaceful that I never tire of the solitude and the feeling of `closeness` to nature. Two images taken of Loch na Keal on our way to the ferry Ulva is privately owned by the Howard family and was formerly the home of 600 people who made their living from the collection and exportation of kelp. Today there are 11 residents who make a living from sheep and cattle farming, fish farming, oyster farming and tourism.  Ulva is a privately owned island with a thriving population of approximately 16 people who are involved variously in traditional sheep and cattle farming, fish farming, oyster farming and tourism. Ulva was formerly the home of 600 people who made their living from the collection and exportation of kelp.  There are no tarmac roads on Ulva, so no cars, just the