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Scarborough was an interesting place, although not a place I would go to regularly. However, on a rather dull day, it was not the time to explore the town to any degree. I am sure in more sunny weather we would have had a better picture of it.. Below is the Grand Hotel, and grand is the right word. When the Grand Hotel was completed in 1867 it was one of the largest hotels in the world and one of the first giant purpose-built hotels in Europe. Four towers represent the seasons, 12 floors represent the months, 52 chimneys represent the weeks and originally 365 bedrooms represented the days of the year. A general view along the beach toward the harbour on a rather dull day. Some shots taken near, or in, the harbour area. Well, just rust I suppose! Scarborough Cliff Railway - a view from the bottom. There have been five such railways in Scarborough, two have closed. Well used, I would think, as the path up is very steep. Home      Forward

Start of family holiday in Yorkshire

A holiday for all the family together we thought, would be fun and a much deserved break for all. So, where to go? Finally (actually very quickly) we settled on Yorkshire, as this is an area known to one of them, but totally unknown to the other! We picked Wold Newton as this had a house to sleep 9 and was near Scarborough and Flamborough Headland, neither place had we visited before. On 22nd July we all set out to meet at Wold Newton and duly arrived safe and sound. The first exclamations were - What! no Wifi quickly followed by What! no mobile signal. The Wifi was solved but there is no 3g or4g signal in the area. Peace! The house was great and the village was a small, quaint Yorkshire one - good start. So following are a series of images I took over the week. The church, which looked interesting, is set in the heart of the village between Front and Back Street. It is a very attractive small church with nave, south porch, north aisle, chancel and small wooden bel