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Can we photograph a kingfisher?

Today was a reasonably early start (8:30am) as we wanted to be at Lackford Lake while the kingfishers were possible feeding, as opposed to late morning when they might have been hiding away for a while. That was the idea anyway! - and it worked! We arrived well before the Center was open and made our way to the hides. The double decker one providing us with some real chances of Kingfisher images. The lens I was using has a maximum extension of 200mm, so is limited as far as wildlife goes, but the images I came home with were pretty good I thought. The first two are of a mother? heron seemingly `talking` to her young one, who made a noise but otherwise remained rooted to the spot. "I don't want to swim mummy". The prize of the trip, some images of a kingfisher moving from perch to perch while shutters were firing around us like machine guns! My offerings are above and below, and although not as close up as many people with huge lens, I was more tha