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Manor Houses of Hadleigh

In general, a Manor was the dwelling of a feudal lord, and if the lord was the owner of several manors, he only inhabited it occasionally. Sometimes an administrator or seneschal was appointed to control and manage the stately property. The ordinary administration was delegated to a bailiff or a reeve. Below is the building on the site of the Medieval Hadleigh Manor, the Manor itself long gone; however I read that the medieval core is still evident in the current interior. There were four other lesser Manors in Hadleigh and I attach images of three of the current buildings on their sites. The fourth one is now demolished and the site is empty. Hadleigh Hall School - On the site of Hadleigh Manor House The medieval Manor House was built around 1297. There would certainly have been a Manor house on the site in the C10 and definitely before the Norman Conquest. It`s possible before that even, in the time of Guthrum (c880-890).  Aethelstan or Guthrum as we know him, was the Danish King of