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Fun with a hat

How does one wear a hat? This was Izobelle having a try to fit a cap on. Not being quite sure, but at least having a go. Quite funny I thought.  So, this thing on the lawn is a hat? Yes? You say it goes on my head? Let's  have a try I guess like this mum?  - No? Well how then? What about this then - it feels better. Perfect! Now I guess I look all grown up. Home      Forward      Back

What you can do with bubbles!

Watching young children when they encounter things for the first time is, at time, quite hilarious. As was Izobelle`s encounter with bubbles blown by Nanna. Not sure who laughed the most! A `Kung Fu` chop initially failed to do much    So she settled to watching them burst around her. Then an attempt to catch the elusive things. Followed by wild shaking of the arm which popped several, much to her delight.    Then a few squints and giggles as the bubbles popped on her face. Home      Forward      Back

Norfolk garden with Danny

Danny is a landscape gardener, and one of his ongoing jobs was for a client who had a property in Thetford Forest. The property was largely old, but with attached, more modern quarters. The whole thing stood in huge grounds surrounded by forest and some lawn and flower areas, much neglected. While we were there Danny was tree felling one section. Danny in action while we wandered. One of the derelict buildings was this Victorian greenhouse. Decayed, but fascinating.  Winder for the windows in the top of the greenhouse. Just hanging on the wall. The makers of the green house who started in 1848 I believe, and are still going strong. Left on the shelf. Some form of trap we came across in the grounds. Door in the wall. Obvious really! Loved the look of this shed, so a couple of images, from different perspectives Wish I could find out what this was. Over the main door is a biblical text and t