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This was a Misty Autumn

Autumn can be a beautiful month but also damp and misty. Summer trying to hold on it seems! This year there were quite a few misty mornings and a chance for some atmospheric shots, with a few shots of other Autumn regulars such as fungi and spiders webs. Firstly, some images on the River Brett, near to where I live. Navigating a barbed wire gate (carefully) I was rewarded with these beautiful views. On the other side of the river, the sheep wondered what I was doing.  Pylons across the valley took time to emerge from the mist. Even the runners in the Hadleigh Road Race were soon swallowed into the mist. Lonesome - after the mist cleared. The lanes that I walk on a regular basis, are really lovely this time of year. Cobweb made more visible by the mist residue on it. Rosy Earthstar (Geastrum rufescens) is a species of fungus in the family Geastraceae. It was first described scientifically by Christian Hend

Melford with Sudbury Camera Club

On a few dates during the summer months, Sudbury Camera Club members take themselves off to a local spot to wander and see what they can photograph. Today, a few of us headed to the village of Long Melford. The Bull Hotel is located in the historic village of Long Melford in Suffolk and was built in 1450. This fine timbered building was originally built for one of Long Melford wealthy wool merchants. It was converted into The Bull Inn in 1580. Coaches from London, Bury St Edmunds and Norwich passed through Long Melford. This is obviously the sign, but for some obscure reason I have no pictures of this beautiful building! The great size and fine architecture of Holy Trinity Church make it unusual for a village parish church. The church dates from the reign of Edward the Confessor; it was then substantially rebuilt between 1467 and 1497 by John Clopton of Kentwell Hall. It is one of the richest "wool churches" in East Anglia and is renowned for its flushwo