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The wedding of Naomi and Daniel

Naomi and Daniel married in Peterborough today with the reception held in the town center. We stayed the night, before `seeing them off` the next morning. As is usual with these occasions, it was a good time to catch up with all the relatives who we had lost contact with. So, onto the day. So, firstly, the bride`s car arrives at the church gates. Naomi is helped from the car and dress re-arranged to look at her best. She looked stunning anyway.    Bridesmaids and Maids of Honour arrive in a stretch limo.    .... and then pose at the gate together. The bride joins the group to complete the picture.  .... before dad takes charge prior to leading her into church and up to the altar Ceremony over, and the happy couple emerge from the church. Giving each other the customary kiss for the photographer.   Then a few more photos. A brief glimpse of the general melee around the porch door as the photogr