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A morning in Ipswich

My visit today was to photo some of the series of art works originally called Ipswich Artathon, adding to the ones already captured. I will have to post them all in one Blog in the near future I think. There are three of the series in this Blog: The African Garden, the Giles statue of Grandma and the Spiral Vortex. It is worth looking at the Ipswich Council list of the whole series as it`s a great way to see Ipswich. The first three images were in fact taken along the Waterfront, a great favourite of mine! I love the mixture of colours on the walls and on the derelict building.  Cranfield Mill is a 23 story, mixed-use development located on the waterfront with access from College Street in Ipswich, England. The Mill was the first phase of the Cranfields Mill development at Albion Quay on the waterfront at a cost of £42 million and was designed by John Lyall Architects and was proposed to be the 'landmark' building of Ipswich.  Last remn