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Little Haven & Broad Haven

Pembrokeshire is one of our favourite places in the UK, and the small island of Skomer off the coast with it's amazing wildlife, an obvious attraction. So, with this in mind we booked a cottage in Little Haven which is an area we have stayed in before, and is not too distant from the embarkation point for the island. The weather did not look to promising when we arrived and was not much better on the Sunday, resulting in the cancellation of the ferry. Monday is a rest day which left us with fingers crossed for our last day of tuesday! Little Haven as we walked down the hill toward the village from our holiday cottage. On Broad Haven beach but not sure what this gate is for! Little Haven beach - such crowds! Some patterns in the sand. Settlands Beach and flowers taken on the path above as we walked between the two Havens. I just loved the colours against the fluffy clouds in the blue sky. Rosey contemp