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Australia 2007 - The start

We started our Australia adventure on 27th September, having won an airline ticket to Sydney on Yahoo! The idea for this trip is to hire a van in Sydney and travel along the NSW coast, then to move inland to New England and travel down to the Blue Mountains where we would meet the family. Hayley drove us to the airport and we were on our way. Didn't get a window seat but we were right at the back with space around us. The journey was good and we did manage to sleep for some of it. We went through one or two rocky bits of turbulence but it all added to the journey. We were nearly late rejoining the flight at Bangkok as we were on the ground level and needed to be on the next level. We covered that distance pretty quickly! All of our baggage had to be re-scanned before we could come out of Sydney airport. They picked up on our tripods and walking stick - whoops! It is now Saturday and we are wasting time at the airport as we can't pick the van up until 9.00am. The taxi too