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After the snow - high water

After a December with a reasonable amount of snow, it was to be expected that in January when the temperature rose a bit, the floods would come. Or at least a big rise in river levels. This year the rivers rose a lot, but peaked just short of flooding. Here in Layham, our little River Brett gave the opportunity of a few photos. The mill pond at its highest I had seen, short of flooding. ... and looking back across the mill pond from the footbridge.  I wonder why this is called Water Lane! Normally a narrow, but dry, lane in Layham. Even 30 mph is out of the question I think. This house, part of the old mill/granary complex, stands on blocks which normally keep it clear of the water. This time they have disappeared under!  On the opposite side of the road, their tennis court is somewhere here!  A normally shallow and placid stream nearby.  Most of the year this is virtually dry but today it was taking the bulk of the Brett overflow