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The Magic of the Inner Farne Islands

In the afternoon of 10th June, we had booked a trip to Inner Farne, home of a multitude of seabirds - one of the best locations in the British Isles. This time of year, most breeds are plentiful, as they are busy raising young. So, blessing the calm day, we made our way to Seahouses, our point of embarking. The trip visits some of the outer islands, just for a brief look. This was interesting as we skirted the island housing the lighthouse from where Grace Darling and her father made their heroic rescue. Then passed large numbers of gray seals lazily watching us sail past. Finally, we landed on inner Farne to be dive bombed by Terns who were nesting near the landing point. Guillemot covering the rocks as we approached by the island. Longstone Lighthouse - our closest approach. Some trips actually land - but not ours. Grace Darling became a national heroine after risking her life to save the stranded survivors of the wrecked steamship Forfarshire in 1838.

Birds of Bempton and Flamborough Head

We had wanted to return to Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire since our previous short visit. So a few days in the area seemed a good idea and Bridlington it was!  We had not had a look at the fishing port of Bridlington, so we were `killing two birds with one stone`, as was often said. We were booked into the Lobster Pot Inn only about 20 min drive from Bempton Cliffs, and this was our first port of call. The Bempton Cliffs reserve, on the spectacular Yorkshire coast, is home to one of the UK's top wildlife spectacles. Around half a million seabirds gather here between March and October to raise a family on towering chalk cliffs which overlook the North Sea.  Read more at RSPB The experience is truly awe inspiring at this time of year and we could recommend this as a must if you are in the area. So to a few images of the birds swooping and diving in front of us!  An adult Gannett Kittiwake Juvenile Gannet of between 2 and 3 years old, according

On the island of Skomer

The whole purpose of this trip was to visit Skomer and hopefully photograph the puffins, so today was much anticipated. we checked first thing in the morning and to our relief, the ferry was running. In fact, because of the previous cancellations, it was running more trips than normal. We manage to get tickets for the 11:30 am with a return of 5:00 pm. So plenty of time to wander around the island. The day was gray and misty but lifted as soon as we stepped onto the shore giving us glorious weather for our stay. So, onto our boat for the 15 min. trip. One of the first indications that you are entering a special place, is the presents, overhead and on the water all around the boat, of hundreds of puffins. As we landed they were perched all around us just watching and seemingly unconcerned. Having had our guide giving us the details of the great care to be taken around these wonderful creatures and the other inhabitants of the island, we headed off to the main puf