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The woman who helped change the world - Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

Walking along the riverside in Ipswich, I am always on the lookout for art on the many buildings. At the end of 2021, I came across this image and promptly had to investigate as the name rang no bells with me! The following is a precis of this ladies life as found online. As you will see, she lived in Suffolk as a child, and although  a very privileged life for sure, she used that as a weapon in her fight for Women`s Rights. Princess Sophia Duleep Singh is best known as a suffragette and campaigner for women's rights. Daughter of deposed Maharaja Duleep Singh and goddaughter of Queen Victoria, she used her fame, position and tenacity in the fight for gender equality in the early 20th century. Sophia's campaigning attracted the attention of both the press and the government. Her tireless activities ranged from participating in landmark historical events such as 'Black Friday' to routinely selling copies of The Suffragette newspaper outside Hampton Court Palace. Sophia&#