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While we are in Folkestone ...

Although we were going to visit Folkestone this week anyway, it was brought forward, as a tyre was needed! However, we spent time exploring, so no time lost. Folkstone is the terminal for the Eurotunnel, the rail link to Calais in France. Just 35 minutes away it says. Needless to say, we kept away from that side of the town. Although these images were not all taken the same day, they blend together quite well, starting at the Hythe end and progressing along to Folkstone. Then a short hop to Dover. After starting our walk from Hythe, one of the first things to catch our attention were the beach huts. I couldn't believe that there was no system in the display. I was right, as we came across a notice advertising `Creative Folkestone Artworks`. These beach huts were part of this display which covered all areas of Folkestone. If I had only known earlier! Rana Begum - No. 1054 Arpeggio Commissioned for Creative Folkestone Triennial 2021 in partnership with Folkestone & Hythe Distric