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The Eden Project

Wednesday was earmarked for a trip to the Eden Project - amazing to see the changes since last here. I believe there were just the two main Biomes. People were pouring in when we arrived on a beautiful sunny day. We wandered around many of the educational areas which kept Izobelle (and the rest of us) thoroughly amused. It really is well laid out and caters for all ages with its displays. Took a few images of the area to try and convey the size of the place. History:  The clay pit in which the project is sited was in use for over 160 years. In 1981, the pit was used by the BBC as the planet surface of Magrathea in the 1981 TV series of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. By the mid-1990s the pit was all but exhausted. The initial idea for the project dates back to 1996, with construction beginning in 1998. The work was hampered by torrential rain in the first few months of the project, and parts of the pit flooded as it sits 15 m (49 ft) below the water table.  The f