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Izobelle in Walton on the Naze

A day at the coast seemed a good idea during the school holidays, and as Felixstowe is the regular seaside, what about Walton on the Naze, by the Tower and with less people generally? Having decided that was a good idea, buckets and spades were packed (for me) and some for Izobelle. This looks like a good spot, and very quiet too. Amazing how much the cliffs have eroded since our last visit. A fort was soon under construction, and some finishing touches given to this section . During these constructions, the right sized stones have to be used so a working party was organised to hunt for them (Nana). Having put in all that work, a photograph has to be taken for posterity of course. When we had had enough on the beach, we climbed back to the top of the cliff, and to the Tower for a coffee and cake. Izobelle and I decided that a climb to the top was in order. I was amazed at her lack of fear in climbing the very steep stairs. Once at the top we