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A walk around Symonds Yat

On Thursday we headed north along the A40, past Monmouth and across to Symonds Yat (east to be precise), the intention, a pleasant walk along the bank of the river Wye, past where canoeists come from all over the country to paddle the white-water. We started in Symonds Yat East but immediately crossed to West via a unique ferry, powered by one man and a line between the banks. The ferry at the Saracens is one of two hand-pulled ferries on this short stretch of the River Wye, the ferries at Symonds Yat are enshrined in locally history and they make up a traditional way of life.  Travel back in time to 1800, and the Wye was a busy place for industry, it also posed a potential barrier between the two sides of the river, and this is a river that has always commanded respect with many losing their lives when swimming or attempting to cross. An interesting 19th century child’s gravestone at St Margaret’s Church, Welsh Bicknor is testament to the dangers of the Wye. I