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Dartmoor and around

Unfortunately, this was a wet holiday, although we had a reasonable day or two, the weather was mainly dull and damp.  Our accommodation was in a small village called Cudlipptown, just above Peter Tavey and not many miles from Tavistock. We stayed in a converted barn on a rare breeds farm in the `back of beyond` called Broadmoor Farm. Access to the farm was up a very narrow track of at least three quarters of a mile from the main road, which itself was mostly single track! From near the top, the view was magnificent - when not raining, albeit a bit misty. However, we did have some time on the moor and had a few images to record it! The nearest access to the moor was from just above Tavistock and so we drove onto the moor and stopped at one of the first parking spots to take in the view of Coxtor. The sky did help the view although it was still threatening to rain. Another similar view of Coxtor with a few locals in the picture. Just along the road was the village of Merrivale which l