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Pirate trail on Dunwich Heathland

The scene that greeted us as we arrived at Dunwich Heathland to start, as it turned out, the Pirate Trail. Armed with a leaflet with the route marked, and a pen, we set off ! The heathland really looking colourful.  This was the object of our searches - a board with a clue printed on it, which had to be copied onto the leaflet ... such as this! One of the objectives of the day was for Izobelle to take her first photographs with her own camera. So lets photograph all sorts of things! Then perhaps Nana will help me fill in the clues. Then I can run onto the next clue! Then a rest while mummy tells me something I don`t quite believe! Although it was funny. These grown ups say this smells lovely, so we have a group sniff. Then mummy spotted this lovely caterpillar on the path which turned out to be an Emperor Moth or Saturnia pavonia (if you speak Latin) Then, having completed all the clue