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A week in Vaynor Merthyr, The Brecons

Wales is a beautiful country and the area we were staying in had some walks with plenty of water and waterfalls. Vaynor Merthyr, is situated in the Brecons and so we were anticipating some glorious scenery and hoping for fine weather - we had both! The scenery from the road as we turned into out driveway, and our cabin in its secluded grounds.  Although the water levels were not as high as we hoped, this part of the Four Waterfalls Walk was well worth it. We had a glorious day. Follow this link for a guide and description.  These are the stunning Sgwd-yr-Eira waterfalls on the Afon Mellte river. These fabulous waterfalls are located in a steep rocky ravine with the added bonus of being possible to walk a path going behind a curtain of water. We did - it was brilliant! Near Pen y Fan - which is the highest peak in south Wales, situated in the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is 886 metres above sea-level but note, I said `near` not up! 

Smash and Grab - in Hadleigh

Thieves used a digger to break into a cash machine in Hadleigh early this morning. Police were called to the High Street at about 3.30am. The machine was found discarded nearby with the cash cartridges removed. The digger was believed to have been driven into the High Street from the direction of the church. A small dark hatchback car was seen driving away after the theft towards the church. Officers searched the area but the offenders were not found. So read the news from the local newspapers. We heard of it when our family arrived and reported the scene in the town. So grandad and grandson took our cameras and had a look. They really made a mess here didn't they? The discarded cash machine A view from behind the cordon. Adam getting a picture for posterity Home