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The ancient market town of Monmouth

Wednesday dawned dull and wet and, supposedly, this was to be the story of today. So a visit to Monmouth, and a trip to Costa, before a wander to some shops, was the plan.  Once in Costa I managed to log onto the internet to check emails (what for, I wonder?) and to download some info for future blog / diary. Then a brief stroll up to the remains of Monmouth castle and a brief look at the Benedictine priory, which was established around 1075 by Withenoc, a Breton who became lord of Monmouth.  Nothing really remains of the original Priory which may have once been the residence of the monk Geoffrey of Monmouth, who was born around 1100 and is best known for writing the chronicle Historia Regum Britanniae ("History of the Kings of Britain")  It was credited, uncritically, well into the 16th century, but is now considered historically unreliable. The Shire Hall in Agincourt Square, is a prominent Grade I listed building. Built in 1724, the Shire Hall was formerly