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The journey of the Marquis Cornwallis

As you enter the village of Upper Layham from the A12 direction, one of the first buildings that you come across is the Marquis, offering bars, fine dining and accomodation in a beautiful setting looking down across the Brett Vale. Well worth eating there but only because a local businessman invested time and money to transform this derelict old pub. Just the front view gives an idea of its transformation from old (above) to now (below) From old sign (above) to new sign (below) As I said, Run Down! Not sure which century they were talking about! Didn't like to taste the beer or the pickle in the backyard. ... and the beautifully kept rear garden - I think not!  Today it is landscaped and some laid to car parking with another building for accomodation, separate to the main one. So, I wondered, where did the name Marquis Cornwallis come from? A bit of research yielded the following information: Charles C