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More Izobelle summer holiday fun 2018

Just a few images of Izobelle enjoying her summer holidays with Nanna & Grandad. She is great fun to be with and the holidays seemed to pass very quickly.  See also:   Izobelle in Walton on the Naze Does she like to pose? of course - and so she should. Landguard Point hunting for stones Some photographic tuition from Nanna. Izobelle is surprisingly steady when taking a photograph - and she loves doing it. A break for refreshments during an assignment! If it's messy, Izobelle loves it! In Norwich and there just happened to be a tree stump. Photo call needed. With my cousins at the beach, all enjoying themselves. What was the question? Outside the University building in Ipswich And a quick portrait in Nana's garden. Home      Forward        Back

Museum of East Anglian Life with Izobelle

Where shall we go today with Izobelle? Well, not far from her home is the Museum of East Anglian Life, and that is where we headed. The Museum of East Anglian Life is one of the biggest Museums in Suffolk. It occupies over 75 acres of countryside in the heart of Stowmarket. The land was originally part of the Home Farm for the Abbot’s Hall estate. The estate's history dates from medieval times when it was an outlying manor for St Osyth’s Priory in Essex. It passed through numerous owners until it was purchased by the Longe family in 1903. Huge changes in the 1950’s and ‘60s meant England was in danger of losing long established skills, equipment and buildings if something was not done to rescue them. Individual collectors, local farmer Jack Carter and the Suffolk Local History Council worked to collect, preserve and display objects from rural East Anglia. After several years of temporary exhibitions the Misses Vera and Ena Longe placed 70 acres of farmland, Abbot’s Hall,

Pirate trail on Dunwich Heathland

The scene that greeted us as we arrived at Dunwich Heathland to start, as it turned out, the Pirate Trail. Armed with a leaflet with the route marked, and a pen, we set off ! The heathland really looking colourful.  This was the object of our searches - a board with a clue printed on it, which had to be copied onto the leaflet ... such as this! One of the objectives of the day was for Izobelle to take her first photographs with her own camera. So lets photograph all sorts of things! Then perhaps Nana will help me fill in the clues. Then I can run onto the next clue! Then a rest while mummy tells me something I don`t quite believe! Although it was funny. These grown ups say this smells lovely, so we have a group sniff. Then mummy spotted this lovely caterpillar on the path which turned out to be an Emperor Moth or Saturnia pavonia (if you speak Latin) Then, having completed all the clue

Cars at Kersey Mill

A chance to visit Kersey Mill and to see a variety of cars - old and new. We met Hayley, Andrew and Izobelle and had a wander on a very pleasant morning stroll. Some details of two of the more interesting vehicles among the many! A Morgan - The Morgan Motor Company is a family-owned British motor car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Morgan is based in Malvern Link, an area of Malvern, Worcestershire and employs 177 people. Morgan has stated that they produce "in excess of 1300" cars per year, all assembled by hand. The waiting list for a car is approximately six months, although it has been as long as ten years in the past. Trojan 200 - The Heinkel Kabine was a microcar designed by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke and built by them from 1956 to 1958. Production was transferred under licence to Dundalk Engineering Company in Ireland in 1958 however the licence was withdrawn shortly afterwards due to poor quality control. Pr

Pigs Gone Wild

The local news announced the appearance of Piggies in Ipswich like this:  A herd of pig sculptures is to go on display in Ipswich as the town becomes the latest place to host an art trail for charity. Forty models will be dotted around the streets and waterfront as part of the "Pigs Gone Wild" art trail in summer 2016, in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice. The animals, chosen to "celebrate Suffolk's rich agricultural heritage", will be decorated by local artists. The first thing, as grandparents, that crossed our mind was `What a great idea for some fun with Izobelle.` Sure enough the idea appealed and over the course of the summer we explored Ipswich with Izobelle and to be honest great fun was had by all, including grandparents! So, here goes with images of some of the pigs. Not all of them, but a large selection. Let's mark off - Pinata Piggy. Ed Sheer-Ham - say no more. A nod to our local pop idol. Hamlet of Ipswich Lit

Two weeks in the life of Izobelle

Izobelle is growing fast, and these are a few images over a two week period in the second half of March 2014. A watchful, or dreaming Izobelle Let's kick the ball  Am I putting enough soil in Nanna?  Look Grandad!  Watching Grandad trying to photograph me.  Like this?  Time for a snack on the trampoline.  Home