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Hot Car Show Ipswich

Not being a `petrolhead` normally, for some reason I was attracted to the Hot Car show at Trinity Park in Ipswich. It was quite an eye opener to see the fantastic machines that were on show and below are a few of them. Unfortunately I didn't gather much technical info, but they were just good to see and photograph. Huge exhausts and exposed engines, are part of the kit. .... as are large tyres. Another one of the things usually associated with these hot cars is the amazing paintwork. Definitely  part of the `scene`. A dull day, weather wise, but great to see and admire. Home

Late Summer or early Autumn?

Here we are in mid August and somehow it feels that we are on the cusp of  changing seasons! On the one hand we have farmers still reaping the corn from their fields, and then we have a hint of change in the colour of the trees and hedgerows, plus the hedgerows are full of fruit and the roadsides and woodlands seem to have a lot of fungi.  Local farmer kicks up the dust as he `combines` his crops. Summer sky and parched ground says `Summer`. Sudbury Victorian bathing pool Hints of autumn in the trees around Sudbury old Victorian bathing pool. The Old Bathing Place was opened on the river in 1898 and was in use until the late 1930s when it was closed after an outbreak of diphtheria in the town. There are steps for the bathers to descend into a semi-circular section for non-swimmers which divided by an iron rails from the deep water. Once they could swim they could go out further - there are also steps on the opposite bank. Wild Plums - ripe