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Bird life on the Farne Islands

A visit to the Farne Islands is always an adventure, and no less for us! We were really looking forward to see the wildlife that so many people enthuse about. Seahouses was the name of the port that we sailed from and the picture below shows the peaceful harbour (thank goodness!) that we sailed from.  After a brief journey, a welcome talk on the landing, we were set to see what we could see! Below are some images of the species I manage to photograph. Starting, of course with the beloved Puffin. A small auk, the Puffin is familiar as the 'clown' of the coast with its brightly coloured bill, bumpy landings and waddling walk. Puffins live in burrows in the short grass at the top of cliffs. They feed on fish, such as sandeels, which they catch by diving beneath the surface and using their wings to swim. For most of the year, Puffins are out at sea, returning to land to breed. During the breeding season, displays of bill-knocking and ritualised walki