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The seals at Horsey

A record number of grey seal births at a Norfolk beach shows a "major change" in behaviour as the animals become used to humans, marine experts have said. The 1.5 mile (2.4km) stretch of dunes at Horsey has hosted 1,018 births so far this winter compared to the previous winter when there were 804. (BBC report) We had been here on a previous visit but decided we would like to see them again. It is a worthwhile trip if you have never seen them. Mother rushing to protect her pup (and herself probably) from approaching bull. Keep away from my pup please! Mothers defending their space by putting herself between the bull and her calf. Mothers and pups, a joy to watch The big males just kept pestering the females, in or out of the water Grey seals have grey and brown fur, sometimes with a pattern of blotches; no ears visible; long muzzle; nostrils parallel; larger and darker than common seal, with flat or convex profile to its head

Evolution of our garden

Our rear garden was a source of frustration from the time we moved in to our bungalow. Although we made the most of the space as it was and had a small lawn with a few plants, it was not as we would have wished. As well as the garden needing some reconstruction, the conservatory  was small and the worse for wear, so the two things came together in 2016 with a grand project, captured here on a few images. The results - well see below! Starting point - the small conservatory and the steps and slabs which dominated the area. Facing the other direction, we have the area that Rosey turned into a small flower/lawn area. This is how it finished, thanks to a lot of hard work by Rosey. Then, time to move on..... Demolition time! Where has the conservatory gone? plus all the furniture? What a lovely fence! Someone is preparing for action by the looks of the building plant beginning to appear. Re-construction has started as our new conservatory ta