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Church flower decorations on Coronation week

St Andrew`s Church in Layham, was decorated beautifully during the week leading up to the coronation. Here are some images of most of the displays, except the ones in the windows, which were a bit difficult, facing into the sun. The display in the font. This font is a fine example of the 13th century Purbeck Marble genre, seated on a 19th Century base and columns. A close up of the end of pew displays. One of the two displays in the porch. Home

Coronation Celebrations - Layham & around

The Coronation of King Charles was celebrated all over the country with a variety of events - Layham being no different. However, my interest was to keep a photographic record, but this proved more difficult than I anticipated! I don't know what I was expecting from people, but streams of bunting and flags were the majority response. There were some local exceptions, such as in Holton St Mary and the portrait in Hadleigh, both below. Layham held an afternoon tea which was organized by four brave ladies from the Village Hall Commitee, which was very well attended and very much enjoyed by everybody. Other places had street parties I believe. This is the portrait of our new monarch which appeared on a wall in Angel Street, in Hadleigh The crown on the telephone box in Holton St Mary, a nearby village. Layham Village Hall, complete with bunting. Interior of our village hall with just the ceiling bunting Tables laid out ready Tablecloths and cutlery ready Then the hall fills with people

To the woods to see the Bluebells - and more.

This is a beautiful time of year for all sorts of vegetation. One of my favourites being bluebells. There are several places I know off where they are seen in abundance, but the one I like to visit and closest to home, is in Layham Grove. All these images were taken there in a 90-minute visit recently.  This is the scene that greets you as you approach the footpath through the wood. Whichever way you turn, you are greeted by this majestic carpet of blue. A couple of closeups of single flowers I loved the gnarled tree trunk In amongst all those flowers are lurking insects of course. This one being a Shield Bug   Then we had a Meadow Brown butterfly ---- and onto a Honeybee Then a lovely display of Greater Stitchwort – also known as the ‘Star-of-Bethlehem’ Then the perennial favorite - the Primrose And finally, the Wood Anemone Overall, a beautiful morning of utter peace, with the beauty of nature in all its splendor surrounding us. Home