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Hoar frost in Layham

On a cold clear morning, fog appeared as if by magic, and just as we were having breakfast. I returned later from a morning walk, and the trees certainly seemed to be turning white, but not to to any  great degree - until we looked closer as the sun started to poke through the mist. Suddenly, it seemed, the world had turned white! So, armed with cameras we headed out to have a closer look at this beautiful world that had descended. The view of the trees in front of our bungalow with a brilliant blue sky as a backdrop to this magical Hoar Frost Hoar frost forms when the water vapour in the air comes into contact with solid surfaces that are already below freezing point. Ice crystals form immediately, and the ice continues to grow as more water vapour is frozen. On a still night, it can grow well on tree branches, where the surface temperature is unlikely to rise above zero for many hours. The size of the frost that forms is dependent on how much water vapour i

One frosty morning - Flatford

Flatford Mill is a beautiful site at most times of the year, but the appearance of a good frost said `off to Flatford and a walk by the river`. What we were not expecting was the whole area covered in a Hoar frost. Beautiful! This image is of Bridge Cottage from the start of the Deham riverside walk.  So onto the different types of frost (nothing is simple is it?) Ground frost - A ground frost refers to the formation of ice on the ground, objects or trees, whose surface have a temperature below the freezing point of water. During situations when the ground cools quicker than the air, a ground frost can occur without an air frost. A grass frost, an un-official type of ground frost, can occur when other surfaces - such as concrete or road surfaces - don't experience a frost, due to their better ability at holding onto any warmth. It is possible for a grass frost to occur in late spring or even early summer when the risk of more wide-spread frosts has disappeared a