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The first weekend of our Kent holiday

Kent Was our destination for the week, a converted dairy on the nearest farm to France! (So the war time history said) It was in fact in Reach Court farm in the village of St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover. Within a few minutes walk of the famous white cliffs. Having had a good journey, only 130 miles, we settled into our cottage and took ourselves on an exploration of the area, by foot of course.  This was our home for the week. You can just see our red door on the right.  This area around Dover has a large amount of history associated with the second world war in particular, but being close to France, previous invasion attempts as well. We passed numerous reminders of this history on our way to the cliff top/ walk, in the form of posts and notices reminding us of the legacy of the great conflict.  We arrived at the cliff edge and were treated to spectacular views of the coast line including the entrance to Dover harbour, just along the coast.  Part way along the w