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Flatford - floods and frost

Two visits to Flatford in different weather conditions. The first series of photgraphs are taken on the 9th January, after the torrential rains that poured over large parts of the country.The second set are taken (10 days later) in the same area, now largely covered in frost although a fair amount of water remains in the fields. So first the rain. This the start of our normal walk toward Dedham - `not today` we thought! Bridge Cottage, where you can see the `normal edge` to the path under water. Flatford Mill with torrents of water where there is normally a placid flow! The dry dock - somewhere under here. Days later the area is covered in frost! Bridge Cottage and tea rooms looking rather splendid in the frost morning light. Woodfarm Barns at Flatford Frost along the riverside paths Willie Lott`s cottage through the frosty grass. The riverside as you join the footpath leading across the fields. Altogether a period of dramatic weather which was well worth capturing. Home