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On the old railway track

Most mornings we try to keep up the exercise routine and on this particular morning my walk was along part of Hadleigh railway walk. But, before even stepping out of the door, this little creature came to view. It is an Orange Swift or Triodia sylvina in latin. Photo taken against an almost white background. Having started my walk at this stage, I was entering the wood leading to a footpath that I wanted to follow and took a peek into one of my favourite trees on the route. The sun was just catching the branches and combined with the texture of the trunks, it made an appealing shot. I was pleased with the result. Like two people embracing maybe? After an enjoyable walk I took this unusual signpost at the entrance to the walk. Rather different, I thought. So, a few details of the railway: The Hadleigh Railway was a 7 1⁄2-mile (12.1 km) long single track branch railway line in Suffolk, England that ran from Bentley Junction on the Great Easte